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Western Sydney University is an Australian multi-campus university, is made up of six campuses and one precinct, with each campus hosting its own unique array of courses, of which different units can be completed across multiple campuses. Many students want to learn about UWS Blackboard (view) and UWS Login guide.

So, we have created a step-by-step guide to learn UWS Blackboard & Web portal.

Content Overview

  • What is vUWS Blackboard?
  • Why blackboard learning is important
  • UWS Blackboard Learning Process
  • How to Login into The Western Sydney University Blackboard?
  • UWS Blackboard Login & Learn Quick Guide
  • What you can get as a result
  • Blackboard basic guide for students
  • Blackboard guide for Instructors
  • Video Guide for Blackboard Learning
  • About The Western Sydney University
  • People’s questions
  • The Western Sydney University Blackboard Reviews

What is UWS Blackboard (view)

The University e-learning surroundings is known as virtual UWS’ or UWS to pupils and staff. The e-learning system at UWS offers a range of online learning tools that your lecturer may utilize. Your lecturer will set up a view website for your unit and you may find that each site you access has different online learning activities to do.

There are quick guides and interactive resources to many of the functions you will come across in vUWS. E-Learning Student Help Website contains information about vUWS tools and cellular access, interactive video manuals, assess information such as Announcements, Unit Outlines, Learning Guides, discussion boards, and practice assessments.

UWS Blackboard streamlines communication with students. It is possible to send messages to all students at the same time or tailor messages for every pupil using a template.


Western Sydney University is a provider of undergraduate, postgraduate, and higher research degrees. UWS Blackboard is working as a platform between students and teachers to build easy communication between them.

The Blackboard system automatically maintains course enrollments. The contents of each site are set up by your lecturer, to suit the specific needs of the unit or course.

Faculty can conduct student surveys that are read-only by faculty, allowing them to check teaching and learning effectiveness. Post and organize grades in one place. Students can see how well they are doing in their class at any time.

provides one location for course content and grades for you and the students to access 24/7 from any location.

Benefits of UWS Blackboard

  • Faculty can Embed interactive video guides and practice assessments, websites, and multimedia within instructional content and contexts.
  • e-learning makes it easy for students.
  • Students can access content from anywhere & anytime.
  • File sharing is easy.
  • Modern education system.
  • One Location for students & teachers.
  • Library Services.
  • Mobile Access

UWS Blackboard

UWS Blackboard Learning Process

From the information provided above, you guys understood the importance of both The Western Sydney University & its Online Learning Management System called UWS Blackboard.

Now, we will guide you through step by the step learning process of the UWS Web portal Blackboard.

  1. Register for your account at the UWS Web portal.
  2. Blackboard is accessed via the UWS Web Portal at vuws.westernsydney.edu.au.
  3. You need your StudentNumber@student.westernsydney.edu.au and your WesternAccount Password to login into Blackboard.
  4. That’s it, Login with these credentials & enjoy your UWS Blackboard with a bunch of features.

How to Login into UWS Blackboard?

If you want to access all features like participate in classes, group discussions, online assignments & other programs. You have to login into Blackboard of the UWS Web portal with your Student number & WesternAccount Password.

Below is the step-by-step guide to UWS Blackboard login, follow it and enjoy a great experience.

1. UWS Blackboard Log in Instructions

The student has to access Blackboard via the Western Sydney University web site or direct access URL:

  • In your web browser, navigate to vuws.westernsydney.edu.au portal.
  • This prompts you to log screen where two options are available.
  • First, Staff Login.
  • Second, Student Login.
  • Students can select Student Login.
  • Here, You will be asked for your UWS Student Number & Password.
  • After Successful login, Blackboard Dashboard will open with the Home tab active. Courses you are teaching or taking are displayed in the My Courses module.

If you have a problem accessing your account or forgot your password, contact the IT Helpdesk for help.

Access UWS App from a mobile device

Use this step by step guide to using UWS mobile app

  1. GO to the Apple app store or Google play store depending on your mobile device.
  2. Search for Western Sydney University
  3. Once you have installed the app, launch the application.
  4. Log in using your UWS ID and password.
    1. Once you are signed into the Mobile app you will be brought to the Activity Stream where you can see updates about your courses.

What you can get after login at The Western Sydney University Blackboard LMS

  • Online & Continuing Education Login
  • check information such as Announcements, Unit Outlines, discussion boards
  • Create Group Assignment
  • Post and organize grades in one place.
  • Students can see how well they are doing in your class at any time.
  • Streamlined communication
  • Central Location for students & teachers
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Post in course discussion boards

Features of UWS Blackboard


Learn to create a content area, create an item in content area and select options for the item. Learn to paste text and tables, insert an image, link and format text in content editor box. You can learn to upload a single file using browse function, and multiple files by using drag and drop function


Faculty use tests to evaluate your command over course content and goals. Your teacher assigns point values to questions in a test. Students submit their test for grading as well as the results are listed. They are able to see their grades as soon as the faculty makes them accessible to students.


The DiUWSssion Board is a tool for sharing ideas about class materials and interacting with your instructor and classmates. Some instructors use it like in-class discussion, where others use it in place of assignments, and discussions can be graded.


Learn how to enable anonymous grading for a specific assignment, and delegate grading responsibilities to another person (TA or instructor). Learn to create categories, assign items in Grade Center to a category, and assign weights to each category.

UWS Blackboard 2019 Update

Blackboard Learn features have been enhanced with the most recent upgrade. The upgrade includes technology changes, improved features, and new features in Blackboard Learn.

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UWS Blackboard

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UWS Blackboard

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