ECU Blackboard Login Guide

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is an Australian public university, with more than 30,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, approximately 6,000 of whom are international students originating from over 100 countries outside Australia. Many students want to learn about ECU Blackboard and ECU Login guide.

So, we have created a step by step guide to learn ECU Blackboard & Web portal.

Content Overview

  • What is MyECU Blackboard
  • Why blackboard learning is important
  • ECU Blackboard Learning Process
  • How to Login into The San Diego State University Blackboard?
  • ECU Blackboard Login & Learn Quick Guide
  • What you can get as a result
  • Blackboard basic guide for students
  • Blackboard guide for Instructors
  • Video Guide for Blackboard Learning
  • About The San Diego State University
  • People’s questions
  • The San Diego State University Blackboard Reviews

What is ECU Blackboard

ECU Blackboard is a centrally managed and supported Learning Management System (LMS). It providing an online environment and learning tools to interact between students and teaching staff.

It enables faculty to post their syllabus and other course-related materials in one place for student access at any time.

Blackboard enables students to access study materials such as assignments and lecture notes at any time, discussion boards, group pages, submit your assessments online, and to see your grades.

Blackboard offers different communication features like emails, announcements, discussion boards, blogs, and wikis to communicate with other students or academic staff.

By Using Blackboard, Students can get access to various education tools & services of ECU Web Portal.

Why blackboard ECU’s learning is important for students & faculty?

ECU courses are developed in consultation with industry, and teaching staff has extensive industry experience and networks. ECU students may expect positioning opportunities, fieldwork, practicums, and networking events as part of their research. The ECU Blackboard is working as a platform between students and teachers to build easy communication between them.

Faculty can conduct student surveys that are read-only by faculty, allowing them to check teaching and learning effectiveness. Post and organize grades in one place. Students can see how well they are doing in their class at any time.

Blackboard provides a central location for course content and grades for you and the students. ECU Blackboard is used to post course content, keep an electronic grade book, administer surveys or tests, collect and return assignments electronically, and much more.

Benefits of ECU Blackboard

  • One location of course documents.
  • Streamlined communication
  • Electronic grade book.
  • Electronic tests and quizzes.
  • Built-in Web-based tools.
  • Blackboard learning makes it easy for students.
  • Students can access content from anywhere & anytime.
  • File sharing is easy.
  • Collect and return assignments electronically.
  • Modern education system.
  • One Location for students & teachers.
  • Library Services.

ECU Blackboard Learning Process

From the information provided above, you guys understood the importance of both The San Diego State University & it’s Online Learning Management System called ECU Blackboard.

Now, we will guide you through step by the step learning process of the ECU Web portal Blackboard.

  1. Register for your account at the ECU Web portal.
  2. Blackboard is accessed via the ECU Web Portal at
  3. You need ECU Username & Password to login into Blackboard.
  4. That’s it, Login with these credentials & enjoy your ECU Blackboard with a bunch of features.

For more information about login, visit their login help page.

How to Login into ECU Blackboard?

If you want to access all features like participate in classes, library resources, group discussions, activities to complement face-to-face teaching, online assignments & other programs. You have to login into Blackboard of ECU Web portal with ECU Username & Password.

ECU Blackboard

Below is the step-by-step guide to ECU Blackboard login, follow it and enjoy a great experience.

1. ECU Blackboard Log in Instructions

The student has to access Blackboard via the San Diego State University web site or direct access URL:

  • In your web browser, navigate to the portal.
  • Here, You will be asked for your ECU Username & Password.
  • After Successful login, Blackboard Dashboard will open with the Home tab active. Courses you are teaching or taking are displayed in the My Courses module.

If you have a problem accessing your account or forgot your password, contact IT Helpdesk for help.

Access ECU Blackboard from a mobile device

Both Faculty & Student Mobile applications are available for ECU Blackboard. Blackboard Learn Mobile is an app that is downloaded on mobile devices supported by Apple, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Blackboard now offers Mobile Learn and Bb Student that allow faculty and students to get content and utilize several Blackboard features. An Instructor variant that will also enable grading will be accessible shortly.

Using the app, Access your Blackboards such as assignments, grades, discussions, and statements.

Use this step by step guide to using ECU mobile app

  1. GO to the Apple app store or Google play store depending on your mobile device.
  2. Search for Blackboard learn.
  3. Once you have installed the app, launch the application.
  4. Search for ‘ECU’ using the search bar that automatically appears when you open the app
  5. Login using your ECU Username and password. The Portal home page will temporarily appear as you are forwarded into the app.
  6. Once you are signed into the Blackboard Mobile app you will be brought to the Activity Stream where you can see updates about your courses.

What you can get after login at The San Diego State University Blackboard LMS

  • Create Group Assignment
  • Course Look-Up
  • Post and organize grades in one place.
  • Streamlined communication
  • Central Location for students & teachers
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • Post in course discussion boards


Features of ECU Blackboard


Learn to create a content area, create an item in the content area, and select options for the item. Learn to paste text and tables, insert an image, link, and format text in the content editor box. You can learn to upload a single file using the browse function, and multiple files by using the drag and drop function


Instructors have the ability to personalize their course menu. They can add/remove different Content Areas specific to their course. It is important that you go through each Content Area on the Course Menu to familiarize yourself with how the course is set up.

Instructors can send announcements to students enrolled in their courses to alert students to changes, reminders, and upcoming events.

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Learn how to enable anonymous grading for a specific assignment, and delegate grading responsibilities to another person (TA or instructor). Learn to create categories, assign items in Grade Center to a category, and assign weights to each category.

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ECU Blackboard 2019 Update

Blackboard Learn features have been enhanced with the most recent upgrade. The upgrade includes technology changes, improved features, and new features in Blackboard Learn.

Instructors may keep track of student submissions, whether or not the effort or assignment will be deleted or the submission history is shifted. A submission receipt is recorded at the time of entry and contains information such as attached file info, date, time, etc.


ECU Blackboard Help & Support

San Diego State University provides great help & support for ECU Blackboard. They answer to common questions, such as how to access Blackboard and your courses, can be found going to the sections below: Logging In to Blackboard and Frequently Asked Questions.

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