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The University of Sydney was established in 1850. It is Australia’s first university and was proposed by William Charles Wentworth. University has served for over 160 years now. The University’s past has been glorious. Right from the start, it has competed with top universities around the world. The University of Sydney has several informal names like Sydney Uni, SYDNEY, and USYD. The University of Sydney has the motto “Sidere mens eadem mutato”. This translates to “The Stars change, the mind remains the same”. The University of Sydney was one of the first universities to open its gates for girls. Sydney started admitting women in 1881.

Where is the University of Sydney Located?

The University of Sydney has a main campus in the suburbs of Camperdown and Darlington spread across 72 hectares. USYD also has four other campuses with several teaching facilities and research centers spread across Australia. The university has around 70000 students. It has an alumni base of 350000 across 170 countries.

In terms of rankings, USYD is very impressive. It stands proud among universities like Oxford and Cambridge. QS World Ranking ranks the university as 42nd globally and 3rd best in Australia. In terms of graduate employability, the University of Sydney is 5th globally and 1st in Australia. This shows the university’s extraordinary academic structure and student development programs.

How good is the University of Sydney?

University focuses on making students’ lives better in every way. The main campus of Sydney is ranked among the top 10 beautiful campuses globally. University emphasizes research-based studies. It has several state-of-the-art research buildings and learning areas. Every campus has huge libraries open around the clock. With new research centers coming up, Sydney is ranked among the top 10 most innovative universities in the world.

Apart from studies, Sydney provides more facilities than any other university. Ranked number 4 in sports ratings, Sydney has huge arenas and stadiums for all kinds of sports activities. There are fully equipped fitness centers for the physical well-being of students. There are over 200 clubs and societies in the university. These clubs promote the overall development of students. There are fests and seminars going on all the time which spices up student lives and keeps them energized.

University also provides quality on-campus accommodation services with proper security to students. Students can live on-campus or off-campus. There are many food shops, restaurants, and bars. Students can take a coffee break to refresh or enjoy late-night happy hours in any bar.

Course codes for University of Sydney

CEMS6003 “Advanced Strategy

  • This is a theoretical course that aims to teach the importance of global strategizing. Students learn about different ways of tackling global issues by business organizations.

BUSS1020 “Quantitative business analysis

  • The course focuses on the analysis of business problems through quantitative techniques. Students learn to analyze business data and derive inferences. The inferences are further used to make correct business decisions.

DEC01008 “3D Modelling and Fabrication

  • This is a design-oriented course that starts with introducing students to material structures. Students further learn virtual and real-life product modeling. They learn to create 3D models virtually and 3D printing them into life-size objects.

MECH4660 “Engineering Management

  • This course establishes the connection between management principles and engineering work. Students learn about applying management tools to achieve coordination and synchronization in mechanical tasks.


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